Vilalara Longevity Thalassa & Medical Spa

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Vilalara, Faro, Portugal
Longevity Medical Spa offers besides well-directed treatments under supervision of specialists, the ultimate luxerious five-star experience read more
Puurenkuur Benefits
Depending on your Holiday:
  • 1x free Pilates or stretching session (30 minutes)
Thalassa Break 2 nights
MIn. 2 nights, full board, thalasso
Thalassa Break 3 nights
MIn. 3 nights, full board, thalasso
Fitness & Wellness
Min 3 nights, personal training
Min 3 nights, half board, mindfulness
Juice Fasting Detox
Min. 4 nights, mild or liquid detox
Holistic Rebalance
Min 5 nights, half board, holistic treatments
Wellness Booster
Min 5 nights, half board, wellness
Relax & Wellness
MIn. 7 nights, half board, stress management
Active Detox
Min. 7 nights, detox fullboard, spa treatments
Thalassa Weight loss
Min. 7 nights, full board, treatments
Intense Detox & Weight Loss 7 nights
Min. 7 nights, full board, medical consults
Life Rejuvenation & Anti-Ageing
Min. 7 nights, full board, medical consults
Intense Detox & Weight Loss 14 nights
Min. 14 nights, full board, treatments