Detox retreat at home
Online Retreat at home , Amsterdam, Netherlands
2 Adults
This stay has detox juices included
Free cancellation within 48 hours
excl. Calamity Fund, Booking Fee and flights
Per person

Detox retreat at home in Online Retreat at home

What’s included
This online detox at home retreat includes daily yoga, meditation and breathing exercises to help the body reset and relax. 

  • Tips to prepare for the detox cure
  • Guidance of one of our detox coaches thoughout the weekend (in Dutch)
  • Recipes and shopping list for the detox juices and detox soups 
  • Detox gift box with helpful detox tools (send to your home address) 
  • 2x slow detox yoga classes 
  • 1x restorative yoga class
  • 1x nutrition workshop
  • 2x liver pack (optional)
  • Free participation to the facebook group of Puurenkuur (e.x. classes, recipes are shared by our experts)

In order to attend to this detox retreat at home you would need the following things:

  • A peaceful and quiet place to attend to the online sessions
  • Yoga mat and pillow or yoga block
  • Computer / tablet with internet
  • Juicer and a blender

This retreat is healthy and safe, based on a combination of fresh vegetable and fruit juices that help the body recover from bad eating habits and dispose waste. Moreover it is gratifying for your body to not have to digest solid foods in a world where we eat too much and burden our digestive system. The body has the time to recover. The retreat are modular, so you can decide how intensively you participate. In some cases, for example diabetes, cancer, acute infections, hart, liver or kidney conditions, pregnancy or psychiatric disorders, a detox cure is not advised or has to take place under supervision of a doctor.

This holiday is only available on the following dates

Passport and Visa
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Health Information for Travellers
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