Thailand Pass lifted!

June 22, 2022

Wellness away from the crowd

What you see is what you get: because as beautiful as in the photos, that's how it really is! If you book a holiday to Thailand, you will step from one beautiful picture into another. 

And good news! From 1 July travelling to Thailand is just like before. No more Thailand Pass. Only sporadic checks upon arrival with either check of vaccination or negative test (for unvaccinated travelers). From  now on there are no more worries about traveling to Thailand. 

Did you know that Thai massage has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site? Wellness and health are deeply rooted in Thai culture. Add to that the friendly people, the almost always clear blue sky, the delicious food and the divine massages. 

That is why we wanted to put our Thailand wellness hotels in the spotlights. 

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Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary, Koh Samui

Puurenkuur guests' favourite 

An experience. Life changing. Unforgettable. Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary is it all and more. Words cannot properly describe Kamalaya. Kamalaya must be experienced. 

Most booked trip: Embracing Change & Detox

For whom? People who want to spend time with themselves.

Price: €€€ 

Amatara Wellness Resort, Phuket

For whom? Sports and relaxation for families. 

What? Top-quality cures with a lot of personal attention in a spectacular resort. 

Special: Child-friendly

Price: €€€ 

Absolute Sanctuary, Koh Samui

What? Yoga, Pilates, detox paradise: beautiful wellness boutique hotel with top classes and top cuisine. 

Specialty: yoga, pilates, sports and juice fasting. 

For whom? Health foodies and yoga enthusiasts. 

Price: €€ 

Mangosteen Resort, Phuket

What? Adults-only boutique hotel in tropical gardens with spectacular sea views and authentic Ayurveda.

Specialty: Authentic Ayurveda treatments with top Ayurveda doctor from India

For whom? Lovers of Ayurveda in combination with Thailand as a destination 

Price: €€

Chiva-Som International Health Resort, Hua Hin

What? A breathtakingly beautiful, renovated retreat of the highest level. 

Special: specialized wellness pioneer with more than 150 treatments

For whom? Jetsetters and wellness high-society 

Price: €€€€ 

Aava Resort & Spa, Khanom

What? Small-scale secluded resot with 9km of clear white beaches, wild pink dolphins, a nature park and waterfalls. 

Specialty: Rest and relaxation

For whom? Nature lovers, also great with children

Price: €€

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