Our Teachers and Coaches

Puurenkuur has been successfully organising group trips for years. These are led by a dedicated and experienced team of yoga, Pilates, meditation and fitness instructors and also (lifestyle) coaches. Read about who they are, what their specialisms are and where you can find them. Each retreat states which teacher will be leading.

Nannet van der Ham in Portugal 2

Life lessons! My motto is more power, self-awareness and pleasure. I achieve this through Pilates, Fitwalking, NanChi, Reiki, ‘Clear head’ sessions, ‘Discover your passion and your business’ workshops and much more.
Sylvia Olde Scholtenhuis

A combination of Raja yoga, Chakra yoga and Hatha yoga, with some meditation and mantra chants to channel the thoughts
Els Dourleijn

Hatha yoga with elements of Critical alignment yoga.
Monique Oudejans-Opreij

Hatha yoga, but it’s the participants themselves who dictate the style and intensity of the class to suite their needs. Vinyasa flow or power yoga can feature alongside the main Hatha yoga classes.’
Saskia Hofstede

Hatha yoga and Personal Trainer / Sport coach. Guests often say that my style of teaching is quite sporty, but that the attention to breathing and relaxation makes the classes balanced.
Detoxcoach & Yogadocent

Detox coach, Yin yoga, Hatha yoga, Power/Flow yoga

I teach Hatha and Yin Yoga, Pilates and I am a naturopath, knowledge I use for Puurenkuur's Detox and Yoga retreats.

My yoga classes are alignment based, stemming from the knowledge of B.K.S. Iyengar and his therapeutical effects.

Lifecoach, my workshops are all about energy. It is important that you learn about the relationship between your thoughts, feelings and your body, and that you ask yourself, “who am I?” and “what do I want?”.
Annette Paulich

Dru yoga. my classes are based on Dru yoga: a supple, fluid form of yoga which pays particular attention to the spine and the heart area. Stillness in movement.
Cora Wesker

Hatha yoga, with elements of mindfulness. It’s a gentle form of yoga centred around regaining one’s own power and reconnecting with the body.

I teach Dru yoga; it’s a gentle, modern form of yoga with its roots in in Hatha yoga. I invite people to seek connection with themselves.