Wilma Azink

Detoxcoach & Yogadocent

‘Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.‘Listen to the silence, it has so much to say’, by Rumi 

  ‘Let food be your medicine and your medicine be your food’, by Hippocrates 

Where can we find you?  
I lead the Puurenkuur detox weekends at hotel Bilderberg and at Landgoed Hotel de Wilmersberg. I also teach weekly yin and flow classes in Enschede, organise themed Yin XXL and detox workshops and supervise private individuals on detoxes. My outlook on life is informed on a daily basis by my greatest mentors: my children, aged two and four. Together, we marvel and enjoy life, and explore the world.  

What type of yoga do you teach?  
I teach yin yoga, hatha/power flow yoga, pilates and a blend of yoga, pilates and barre postures. What all the classes have in common is that they inspire, enlighten and are fun. 

What characterises your classes?
I give everyone love and attention individually. I tend to work off a theme for the class and then use my intuition to sense what everyone needs personally. My intention with each class is to have you become more conscious of your body and make you curious about your internal world once again. In my more strenuous classes, I let you experience how strong and vibrant your body really is. In the yin classes, on the other hand, you experience just how much inner peace, relaxation and wisdom you have within you, and you experience the power of your own mindset. My detox- and nutrition workshops provide insight into your own body and why healthy food and taking care of yourself is so important. This combination of classes rebalances your Body, Mind and Soul and allows you to live more from the heart. 

What do others say about you?  

That my voice is nice and relaxing, and that my classes make you drift off. Also, that my classes bring students back in touch with their bodies, minds and emotions. 

March 11, 2020
Maak onderscheid tussen detox/sapvasten en zoiets als dit (liquid diet). Onze verwachtingen waren anders. Maar we hebben het verder wel heerlijk gehad! Ruime appartementen, kleinschalig complex, fantastische sportruimtes en massages. En fanastisch weer!

Margriet van D.

February 3, 2020

Complimenten aan Wilma! Zeer deskundige begeleidster! 

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