Bart Kramp


"Joie de vivre" 

Zest for life. And not only in good times but also when things are tough. Those are the times that we can learn the most from – hard as they may feel at the time. Ultimately, things come and go; the good and the not-so-good.

Where do you teach?

I teach my mind coaching sessions all over. They can be delivered wherever: including at people’s homes, if that’s their preference. I regularly do walk-and-talks in the forest. Walking in a natural environment creates head space and calms the mind and thoughts. But if the geographical distance between us is too large, mind coaching also works great over the phone. You don’t necessarily need to be walking in the same forest as me.

What type of classes do you teach?

Thought lessons. Do you spend a lot of time thinking about the future? Or indeed, the past? Do you often mull things over in your mind? And how do you treat your thoughts? I teach you how to manage your thoughts. To recognise patterns. By means of self-reflection, I help you gain control of your stream of thoughts and the emotions that arise from them.

What characterises your classes?

My mind coaching is very individualised. The reflections I give are very specific to you and your thoughts. Whilst that can feel confrontational, it can also give you lots of new, personal insights.

What do other people say about you?

That they feel comfortable with me. That they can talk about anything without feeling judged by me. People appreciate the reflections and find them refreshing.