Lies Schuring

"Look at everything you have and all you can do. Celebrate life."

Where do you teach?

I recently moved to Friesland and will be focusing on the Puurenkuur retreats from there. I also train yoga teachers on the pranayama (breath), pregnancy and mudra modules. I also have my own pregnancy yoga teacher training course. Before I relocated, I taught at Yogadreams in Zaandam for many years and held workshops for pregnant women and women experiencing the menopause.

What type of classes do you teach?

My classes combine everything I’ve learned. Meditation is just as important as breath and the movement we perform. It’s all about feeling and going inwards. And how you do that depends entirely on the moment, your stage of life, the things you are experiencing and what you need at that point. My style consists of action and relaxation, yin and yang but most of all, freedom.

What characterises your classes?

Action in the morning; relaxation in the afternoon. I think humour is very important, so we always have a giggle. I love variety and use balls, sticks, belts or whatever is to hand. The space dictates my classes. I always set the intention by having someone pick a card out of a beautiful deck.

What do other people say about you?

That my classes are never boring and always surprising. Students say that my voice is calming. And that they are motivated to look at life differently, which causes change from within. They always leave the class feeling happy and lighter.

August 23, 2021
Leuke variatie in ontspanning in de avond en actief in de ochtend.

lange meditatie, heel goed voor mij om te oefenen.


August 23, 2021
Goede balans-en ontspanningsoefeningen. Heel geschikt voor beginners, minder ervaren cursisten. Heel prettige docent die oog voor je heeft. Dank je wel Lies!


August 23, 2021
Rust, inspannend- ontspannen, bewustwording van eigen lichaam, zeker voor herhaling vatbaar. Bedankt Lies, tot snel.