Cora Wesker

‘Carry your Yoga experiences through to your every day life’

Where do we find you? ‘At Fontana Bad Nieuweschans. And I also have a yoga studio at our farm in Veendam where I hold my yoga classes. If the weather’s nice, we go outside and do our yoga barefoot on the grass.’

What type of yoga do you teach? ‘Hatha yoga, with elements of mindfulness. It’s a gentle form of yoga centred around regaining one’s own power and reconnecting with the body.’

What characterises your classes? ‘During my classes, the attention is directed inwards. You stop still in the moment and what you are feeling there and then. What are you experiencing? How can you use the breath to ease tension during the yoga postures? Or to leave your thoughts behind? I provide hand outs so students can apply their yoga learnings to everyday life. My classes conclude with a text, poem or saying.’

What do people say about you? ‘It’s often been said that I am caring and careful. Participants are encouraged to recognise their own limits and to respect them. There is no right or wrong. No competition, no achievement, just ‘being’ and letting yourself be led.’

December 4, 2017

Een heel fijn weekend gehad, met fijne mindfulness yogalessen. Top!

Marijke P.

December 4, 2017

Ik heb het heerlijk gehad. Alles was ontspannen, de yoga-lessen, de sauna’s, de diverse restaurants. Alles was fijn en ik ga zeker nog eens via puur en kuur.

Elisabeth H.

November 21, 2017

Genoten van een heerlijk weekend ontspannen. De yogadocente Cora, mindfullnes, wist me mee als het ware mee te nemen in haar wondere wereld van rust. De combinatie met sauna en lekker eten maakte het helemaal af. Volgend jaar beslist weer.

Michelle van der K.