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Feeling low in energy? Alcohol has flown freely lately? Smoking too many cigarettes? Haven't been exercising lately? Having a bloated feeling? Stuck on your mobile? You feel you need to make a shift, a reset, a change in lifestyle. But where do you start? A reset in lifestyle refers to making intentional changes or adjustments to various aspects of your daily routines, habits or behaviors in order to bring a fresh start or a renewed focus on your health, well-being and personal growth. It involves stepping back, reevaluating your current lifestyle and implementing changes that align with your goals and values. A lifestyle reset can encompass different areas of life, including physical health, mental well-being, relationships, work-life balance, overall satisfaction or personal development. It is an opportunity to realign your priorities, establish healthier habits and create a more fulfilling and balanced way of living.
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Boshotel Vlodrop
Hotel: Boshotel Vlodrop

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Boshotel Vlodrop
Boshotel Vlodrop, Netherlands
Tranquil Retreats in nature with various themes such as Yoga, Detox, Mindfulness, Meditation. Immerse yourself in serene surroundings, unwind in the spa, explore scenic landscapes and savor exquisite dining.
270 Reviews
Landgoed de Wilmersberg
Landgoed de Wilmersberg, Netherlands
Exclusive and rustic estate in Twente’s countryside with a luxury wellness centre and sincere, personal attention.
166 Reviews
Kurhaus Hotel Bad Bocklet
Kurhaus Hotel Bad Bocklet, Germany
Experience the harmonious blend of Ayurveda from India and the Buchinger method from Germany in Bad Bocklet, a mere 2-hour drive from Frankfurt. Kunzmann's Hotel, nestled amidst Bavarian Rhön's natural beauty, awaits you amidst this unique fusion.
7 Reviews
De Ruwenberg, Netherlands
The Ruwenberg Hotel in Den Bosch is an ideal destination for a few days of relaxation or outdoor sports, combined with a visit to the lively city of 's-Hertogenbosch.
Mandira Styria
Ayurveda Resort Mandira, Austria
Experience a one-of-a-kind blend of Ayurveda and the therapeutic thermal waters of Eastern Styria at a magnificent Ayurveda Resort infused with Asian influences.
11 Reviews
Park Igls
Park Igls Medical Spa Resort, Austria
Park Igls is a private medical spa located in the heart of Tyrol, Austria. One of the leading award-winning medical spas in Europe, with a focus on the Mayr approach for a healthier lifestyle.
17 Reviews
MAYRLIFE Medical Health Resort combines modern medical expertise and technologies with the traditional Dr. F.X. Mayr method in a sporty location in the beautiful Austrian Alps.
4 Reviews
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A lifestyle change can be a transformative journey towards better well-being. It's all about making mindful choices in various aspects of life: food, exercise, alcohol, smoking, mindfulness, sleep or even transforming your career. Replacing sugar and processed food by nourishing meals. Regular physical activity to invigorate body and mind. Prioritize restful sleep for rejuvenation. Managing stress through relaxation techniques, like meditation or yoga, which can bring balance. Engaging in hobbies and spending time with loved ones enhances emotional fulfillment. Cultivate a positive mindset, focusing on gratitude and self-compassion. Limit screen time to foster real-world connections. Sustainable choices, such as reducing waste and using eco-friendly products, contribute to a healthier planet. 

Why is a healthy lifestyle important?

A healthy lifestyle contributes to an improved quality of life, such as reduced risks of cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and diabetes, as well as mental benefits such as preventing depression or low self-esteem. Opting for a healthy lifestyle significantly contributes to an elevated quality of life.

A Fresh Start, how to start?

Established habits often prove tenacious. During moments of distraction, stress, or fatigue, reverting to old patterns can occur. Nevertheless, recognizing the triggers that prompt undesirable habits constitutes the crucial initial step. Subsequently, effecting behavioral change follows suit. Altering a specific aspect can serve as a catalyst for embarking on a fresh start. Taking a step back, appraising your current lifestyle, and contemplating what could or should be different characterizes this reset. Such a recalibration can span diverse domains: embracing wholesome eating habits, resuming regular exercise, adopting mindfulness practices, refining work-life equilibrium, nurturing personal growth, or uncovering a sense of purpose. This juncture offers a valuable opportunity for pause, enabling introspection into your current position, identifying sources of joy, pinpointing invigorating pursuits, and acknowledging actions that promote your physical well-being.

Areas where to reset a healthy lifestyle 

  1. Embracing nutritious and varied dietary choices
  2. Engaging in regular physical activity
  3. Maintaining an optimal body weight
  4. Less stress and more relaxation
  5. Prioritizing sufficient sleep
  6. Cultivating a positive thought framework
  7. Limiting screen time
  8. Refraining from smoking
  9. Abstaining from alcohol consumption

1. Embracing nutritious and varied dietary choices

Kickstart a healthier food pattern with a detox approach. Break free from sugar cravings and processed fats by prioritizing whole, nutrient-rich options. Embrace detoxifying fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and whole grains. Gradually reduce processed foods to reset your palate and foster enduring well-being. A detox is a great reset for body & mind. This holistic approach empowers you with insights into nourishing your body effectively. 

2. Engaging in regular physical activity

Prioritizing physical activity, sports, and outdoor pursuits to stay fit and engaged. Regular exercise helps you feel lighter, fitter and healthier. Happier, even. Exercise keeps muscles and joints supple, improves physical condition, stimulates circulation and boosts the immune system. A Sport or Fitness Holiday can help you to restart your exercise and sport goals. It may help you to discover which type of sport you enjoy most. Or it could help you in achieving your specific goal (improved fitness levels, weight loss, muscle mass).

3. Maintaining an optimal body weight

A weight loss holiday allows you to focus exclusively on your health and wellness goals without the distractions and demands of daily life. It provides a dedicated period for self-care. Weight loss holidays provide a comprehensive and structured approach to weight management in a supportive and health-focused, relaxed environment. Do not expect miracles: you won’t lose 5 kilos in a week. The goal of a weight loss holiday is to gain sustainable weight loss over a period of time, including when you are back home again. 

4. Stress management

To reset your stress management pattern, start by identifying stress triggers. Develop healthier coping mechanisms like deep breathing, exercise, and mindfulness. Prioritize self-care, establish boundaries, and seek support from friends or professionals. Consistency and self-awareness are key to cultivating a more resilient and effective stress management approach. We mention 2 retreats - short or intense - for finding mental balance. 

5. Sleep Improvement

More than 30% of people worldwide aged 40 and older suffer from sleep disorders. These issues can be triggered by a busy lifestyle, excessive work-related stress, hormonal imbalances, emotional turmoil, or sometimes for no apparent reason. Several (luxury) Health & Wellbeing resorts worldwide offer specialized programs for sleep improvement. Guided by experts, these programs encompass various treatments and therapies from different areas of expertise and healing practices. Treatments may include acupuncture based on traditional Chinese medicine, physical activity, coaching, meditation, or soothing Ayurvedic therapies.

6. Cultivating a positive thought framework

Teaching ourselves positive thoughts is beneficial for our mental well-being. It assists us in handling stress and challenges more effectively, ultimately leading to increased happiness and self-assuredness. Therefore, embracing this healthy practice is highly recommended.

7. Limit Screen time 

Cutting back on screen time can supercharge your sleep quality and boost your overall well-being. Plus, it paves the way for more vibrant real life connections and relaxation!

8. Refraining from smoking

At times, we all require a gentle nudge to kick the smoking habit. Consider it your initial stride toward a healthier life. By breaking free from this addiction, you will experience a remarkable enhancement in your overall quality of life.

9. Abstaining from alcohol consumption

Deciding to quit alcohol is a powerful choice that can lead to a remarkable transformation in your physical and mental well-being. By giving up this habit, you pave the way for a healthier and more fulfilling life.