Why a detox vacation is more effective than a detox at home!

September 7, 2018

Of course – you can detox at home. But it isn’t easy. It’s so much easier to sustain the physical detoxification on a detox holiday. More than that: after a couple of days, most people are already feeling fitter and more alert, and the hunger pangs have disappeared. Whereas a detox at home can often feel like hard work, on a detox holiday, people really get to enjoy both the physical cleansing and the holiday itself! Detoxing on holiday is also far more effective, because there’s so much more involved than detoxification of the digestive system alone…

Less temptation and less hunger

Less hunger. And after a few days, even no hunger at all. Odd, but true. The way it works is: whenever you see or smell food, you get hungry. And in everyday life, we are surrounded by food, all day long. It isn’t only breakfast, lunch and dinner you have to navigate at home or work. It’s the colleague handing out birthday cake. Or the coffee or wine date you have with your friends. Then there are all the smells you run into on the bike or at the train station. Not to mention all the adverts for (unhealthy) food, tempting you from first thing in the morning to last thing at night. All of those episodes appeal to your body’s sense of hunger, leaving your stomach rumbling. There’s only so long you can resist those tempting smells for, and at a certain point, you give in. On a detox holiday, you’ll usually be in the company of like-minded people, in a nice environment with fewer temptations. And that means there won’t be anyone offering you a biscuit with your detox tea.

Professional supervision

A good, healthy and safe detox requires professional supervision. Every body is unique and responds differently to a detox cure. During a detox programme, you can discuss any complaints with an expert. Detoxes can help with complaints such as headaches, fatigue, allergies, stomach and digestive issues, high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol. Your organs and digestive system get a chance to rest and reset. There’s a lot that goes on in your body during a detox. Which is why having an expert or doctor at your disposal to ask questions that can be useful.

No stress

Poor quality, excessive or chemical foods aren’t the only source of toxins in the body; stress causes toxins to build up in the muscles, causing painful knots and tension. A detox holiday allows you to completely relax and let go of any stress from your mind and body. No work, no family, no traffic jams and no rushing to your next appointment. In brief: no obligations, full rest and uninterrupted time to yourself. Physical movement such as yoga, swimming or fitness combined with relaxation or deep tissue massages helps release toxins built up in your muscles and lymph nodes that you brought along with you as baggage.

Delicious food and drink

Pardon? Delicious food and drink? Yep, you heard it right. If you choose to follow a juice fast, you’ll only drink water, herbal teas, shakes, soups and juices. But everything is freshly prepared fresh for you using varied, tasty and healthy fruits and vegetables with cleansing properties. You can also detox on a light, plant-based diet or raw food diet. Some of our detox hotels even specialise in this. The detox meals prepared by the chefs on these detox weekends are so delicious, that you forget you’re detoxing at all.

Wellness: additional cleanse

Anyone working so hard to achieve a healthy body deserves an extra bit of care and attention. And a visit to a sauna or steam room isn’t only lovely, it also supports your detox as you sweat out those toxins and boost your circulation. Besides being cleansed from the inside, you’ll also get the benefit of glowing, cleansed skin!

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