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An unforgettable exploration into the desert of Jordan in search of raw beauty, stillness and intuitive wisdom, whilst visiting three World Heritage sites Wadi Rum, Petra and the Dead Sea.

Where you are going...
Adventure, history, culture, world heritage sites, deserts and coastlines, Jordan has it all. Jordan is a welcoming and peaceful little country that packs big things. During this yoga- and meditation trip we’ll visit no less than three world heritage sites. We will practice yoga and meditation and reflect with horses in the Wadi Rum desert with its red rock formations, sandy dunes, nomadic bedouins and starry nights. We’ll visit Petra a 2300 year old city carved into red desert cliffs and one of the great marvels of the ancient world. And we’ll float in the saltiest water on earth, the Dead Sea. Expect adventure and moments of magic. Expect spirituality and overwhelming natural beauty. Expect to be comfortable and well looked after but also expect sleeping in bedouin tents (on mattresses). But most of all expect to fall madly in love with this unique country and all it has to offer.

Why you’ll love it...
The Wadi Rum night sky lights up unlike anything you have ever seen before. You’ll float seemingly weightless on the flat salty water of the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth. And the first look at the majestic and antique pink city of Petra is one you will likely never forget. What does this incredible journey look like from day to day: You will arrive at the airport of Amman, the capital city of Jordan and will stay in a comfortable hotel in Madaba. The next morning, we’ll drive south to Wadi Rum with a stop for lunch and a walk in the Dana Eco Sphere. We will arrive at the visitors’ center in Wadi Rum around 3 pm. From there it takes about 30 minutes to travel to our bedouin yoga camp in the protected area of Wadi Rum. Here, our yoga teacher and guide will welcome us with a delicious cup of Bedouin tea. For the next two days we will stay here and enjoy various workshops of yoga, meditation and chanting in the silence of the desert. Our coach also guides us in an intuitive horse coaching session. The yoga in the desert space of Wadi Rum grounds us deeper into our bodies and helps us to expand our awareness. The horses have an intuitive power to reflect our inner being and thus bring us more into the present moment. In this moment, the very NOW - where there is no judgement, just authentic Being - they allow us to clearly see relationship patterns and to release limiting beliefs, unresolved emotions or blocks in our energy field. Through their vulnerable presence and honest interaction we can sense the longing of our Soul; remember our dreams, honor the past and release what no longer serves us, so we can move forward with a lighter, inspired and more courageous heart. On the fourth day our bedouin guides takes us deeper and further into the desert for an unforgettable night. No noise, no lights, just us, the desert and its bright starry sky. Deep in the vast and silent desert we will ground more and expand our awareness. On day 5 our transfer bus will bring us to the city of Petra, one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world. Petra is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, and undoubtedly Jordan's most valuable treasure! The city is also known as the rose-red city, a name derived from the pink colored rock of the cliffs the city’s structures are carved out of. We’ll spend the rest of the day exploring this hidden gem. The next morning, we are on route to the Dead Sea, making a stop at Little Petra on the way. We will spend the last two nights in the Jordan Valley for some relaxation and rejuvenation at the Dead Sea.

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  • Flights to: Amman (AMM)
  • Transfer time from airport of Amman to our first hotel: 20 minutes
  • Check-in time: 3pm / Check-out time: 11pm 
  • Swimwear: swimwear is obligatory in all swimming pools. Please bring old swimwear for swims in the Death Sea due to its high salt level
  • Internet: In Wadi Rum you might experience bad wifi/connection. All hotels have wifi. 
  • Wadi Rum: it can be (very) cold in the nights.
  • Saunas in Jordan are separate for men and women
  • Buy your Jordan Pass (75 JOD) on forehand as it will combine your visa and entrance to more than 40 sites such as Petra and Wadi Rum

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