Palais Health Hotel
Marrakech, Morocco
2 Adults
This stay has detox juices - full board included
Free cancellation within 48 hours
excl. Calamity Fund, Booking Fee and flights
Per person
Detox in style. Not only with juices and movement, but with a unique daily Cryosauna, Buteyko breathing and physical vascular treatments.

Palais Health Hotel

Where you are going...
From the Netherlands, you’ll fly to Marrakech Airport. From here, our chauffeur will transport you and the other guests to the luxury accommodation located 15 minutes away by car from Marrakech. Cultural Marrakech is a city of fairy tales. It draws all kinds of people, including celebrities: Yves Saint Laurent is buried here and Madonna celebrates her birthday in Marrakech.

Why you’ll love it...
Detox under professional supervision in this intimate and small-scale luxury hotel. The other nice thing about this resort is that all guests here are detoxing. A unique feature are the daily cryosaunas that leave you waving goodbye to toxins and hello to more energy! Plus they boost fat metabolism. There is also an extensive activity schedule and a balanced detox menu featuring plenty of fruit and vegetables. Not to mention the fantastic cultural bonus that is Marrakech.

Wellness, Spa and Health
The goal is fitter, fresher and more vibrant. This goal can be achieved with the expert help of a healthcare professional, physiotherapist and exercise instructor. On arrival, you will have an intake consultation to determine your weight and biological age, among other measurements.

For an extra health and detox boost, you will take daily visits to the cryosauna that’s kept at temperatures between -120 and -180°C. The cold causes your blood vessels to constrict, sending all your blood to your vital organs to keep them warm. Within the space of three hours, your metabolism is improved and the elasticity of your blood vessels increased. The cold also stimulates the production of collagen, giving your skin a taut and glowing appearance. You’ll burn 600-800 calories in just 3 minutes. And thanks to increased production of endorphin, you’ll feel happy and energised also.

Twice daily, physical vascular technology will boost microcirculation (circulation of the smallest blood vessels). This will help eliminate toxins and deliver enough oxygen and nutrients to all your body’s cells.

Buteyko breathing technique is an excellent tool for stress management. It teaches you to breathe less frequently, yet more effectively. Correct breathing prevents the build-up of stress hormones that age the body. Breathe yourself young!

Why not treat yourself to a wonderfully relaxing massage, trigger-point massage or enjoy a sense of wellbeing from a hammam treatment. Your stay will conclude with an outtake consultation to discuss the results you have obtained.

Holistic Activities and Sports
  • Yoga
  • Buteyko breathing technique
  • Aqua gym
  • Bodyshape
  • Walks

What’s on the Menu
You will be served a balanced diet of fresh, organic fruit and vegetable juices (pressed in a slow juicer), refreshing water and fresh herbal teas – nutritious and delicious. 

We love...
  • The unique Cryosauna treatment: burn 600-800 calories in 3 minutes and re-energise your body and mind
  • Mesmerising Marrakech: visit an argan oil producer, the magical medina with its souks, luxury shopping at the Menara mall or visit the world famous Djamaa El fna square
  • The many cultural excursions: visit the stunning Majorelle garden, the impressive Yves Saint Laurent museum or tranquil Le Jardin Secret

Good to know
An excursion of your choice is included in the package.

  • Swimming pool
  • Hammam
  • Jeu de boule

There are two room types: Royal rooms and Suites. The spacious and tasteful rooms represent a beautiful combination of modern and traditional Arabic. 

Royal room

1 - 2 person room


1 - 2 person room