Els Dourleijn

‘Gentle and kind at all times. From the heart’

Where do we find you? I mainly teach on behalf of Puurenkuur at Badhotel Domburg. If the weather’s good, I’ll teach on the beach.’

What type of yoga do you teach? ‘My yoga classes are diverse and can be best described as Hatha yoga.’

What characterises your classes? ‘Varied, sometimes powerful, dynamic, sometimes calming, but always gentle and loving, taught from the heart.’

What do people say about you? ‘That my classes are very intense in terms of their degree of peace and depth. People enjoy that stillness and find it relaxes them.’

February 11, 2019
Bedankt voor de fijne en prettige lessen. 


February 11, 2019
Heel inspirerend en ontspannend! 


February 11, 2019
Rust, harmonie, inspiratie, motivatie, eenheid met mezelf en wereld rondom mij