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The idea behind most holidays is simply to relax. You’ll go to a nice hotel to lounge by the beach or pool, enjoy good food and chill-out. A de-stress holiday is much more than that. The holiday consists of various relaxing treatments, such as massage, acupuncture sessions or therapies, and sometimes 1-2-1 coaching sessions too. In this individual coaching, a professional will review your life with you: what challenges are you facing? What are your blind spots? How can you change patterns so that they work better for you? How do you handle setbacks? The coach, therapist or psychologist will help you successfully change undesirable habits, offer insight into how you can protect your boundaries and build in stress-free time. A healthy diet is another important aspect on a de-stress holiday. As is physical activity, such as fitness, yoga, Pilates, tai chi and walking. Burnout prevention is in fact about becoming more physically fit. Which is why active and sports holidays are other good options for a de-stress holiday.
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MasQi The Energy House
10 Reviews
Banyeres de Mariola, Alicante, Spain
A small, luxury adults-only yoga and meditation resort in a stylish 19th century farmhouse in the centre of a nature park. The perfect place in which to connect with yourself and with nature. read more
Puurenkuur Benefits
Depending on your Holiday:
  • Free return airport transfers Alicante airport - hotel (min. stay of 5 nights) 
  • Free massage 50 minutes (min. stay of 3 nights)
Revivo Wellness Resort
10 Reviews
Nusa Dua, Bali (Indonesia)
Excellent service and extremely professional holistic programmes based on Balinese traditions. A beautiful and intimate retreat in green surroundings with a warm, friendly atmosphere. read more
Puurenkuur Benefits
Depending on your Holiday:
  • Discount on room price (already included in the price)
  • Room upgrade subject to availability at time of booking - not combinable with other discounts
  • One free massage (30 minutes) per person per stay 
Absolute Sanctuary
17 Reviews
Koh Samui, Thailand
This stunning boutique wellness hotel, with its Mediterranean-inspired architecture, is a true paradise for yoga, detox, fitness, and Pilates enthusiasts. It is located on the tropical island of Koh Samui in Thailand. read more
Puurenkuur Benefits
Depending on your Holiday:
  • DISCOUNTED STAYS in October and December
  • 1 free bonus night
  • Free giftvoucher worth € 100
  • Free room upgrade
  • For repeat guests: bonus nights
137 Reviews
Koh Samui, Thailand
An experience. Life changing. Unforgettable. Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary is all of this…and more. But words alone cannot describe Kamalaya. Kamalaya needs to be experienced. read more
Puurenkuur Benefits
Depending on your Holiday:
  • Spa-giftvoucher worth € 150 per person
  • Discount on room rate for stays with min. 21 nights! (book before 10 October 2023, stay before 31 October 2023)
  • Discounted accommodation rates for all Puurenkuur travellers (included in the price)
  • 20% discount on the roomrate for the hillside rooms (not applicable for the garden- or seaview hillside rooms) for single travellers from May - October (included in the price)
  • For repeating Kamalaya clients: 1 bonus night when booking a stay of min. 7 nights (valid for stays between 1 March - 22 December 2023 and 1 - 31 March 2024 - this discount isn't calculated in the shown rates yet)
Marbella Club Hotel, Golf Resort & Spa
4 Reviews
Marbella, Malaga, Spain
Relax & Unwind in this Wellness and Luxury Spa resort at the iconic and high society beach resort in Marbella for some exclusive me-time. read more
Puurenkuur Benefits
Depending on your Holiday:
  • Free returntransfer from Malaga airport - hotel (worth € 346)
  • Early check-in en late check-out (depending on availability)
Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel
13 Reviews
Alvor, Faro, Portugal
Longevity Health & Medical Hotel is a brand new adults-only Destination Spa with a state-of-the-art wellness centre for preventative, medical and holistic wellbeing programmes in the heart of the Algarve. read more
Puurenkuur Benefits
Depending on your Holiday:
  • Complimentary Spa Credit Voucher
  • € 90 per person (min. stay 5 nights)
  • € 120 per person (min. stay 7 nights)
  • Complimentary room upgrade from Standard Room to Longevity Room (upon availability at time of arrival)
  • Complimentary early check-in (from 10 AM) and late check-out (until 2 PM) (upon availability)
    Longevity Medical Spa at Vilalara
    20 Reviews
    Vilalara, Faro, Portugal
    Longevity Medical Spa offers besides well-directed treatments under supervision of specialists, the ultimate luxerious five-star experience read more
    Puurenkuur Benefits
    Depending on your Holiday:
    • 1x free ventre plat stomach treatment (40 minutes)
    Ananda in the Himalayas
    24 Reviews
    Uttarakhand, India
    A truly unbeatable wellness experience. One of the very best destination spas in the world, you can expect nothing but the best at Ananda in the Himalayas. read more
    Puurenkuur Benefits
    Depending on your Holiday:
    • Complimentary Spa Credit Voucher worth 100 USD per person
    • Complimentary excursion
    • For repeating Ananda clients: discounted stays!
    Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda
    21 Reviews
    Gargnano, Brescia, Lake Garda, Italy
    Lefay Resort & Spa's speciality? Without doubt: the treatment of typically western problems (stress, obesity) through a classical Chinese medicine approach. read more
    Puurenkuur Benefits
    Depending on your Holiday:
    • 1x private acces to the salt lake 'La Luna Nel Lago' per person - min. stay 3 nights (worth € 40) 
    • Complimentary Spa Credit Voucher worth € 100 per person - min. stay 5 nights
    • Free Room Upgrade from the Prestige Junior Suite to the Deluxe Junior Suite (subject to availability at time of arrival) - min. stay 7 nights
    • Early check-in & late check-out (subject to availability upon arrival) - min. stay 10 nights
    Euphoria Retreat
    21 Reviews
    Mystras, Greece
    Greek and Chinese wisdom and medicine offer emotional, physical and spiritual health in a majestic and superbly Beautiful Holistic Destination Spa. A true ‘Wow’ destination. read more
    Puurenkuur Benefits
    Depending on your Holiday:
    • DISCOUNT on your stay until August 2023! Only applicable to wellbeing programmes with min. 7 night stay - already calculated in the shown price
    • Complimentary upgrade to next room type (subject to availability on booked date, only applicable to Classic Room, Superior Deluxe Room and Excecutive Deluxe Room) (only applicable to wellbeing programmes with min. 5 night stay)
    • Complimentary Spa Credit Voucher worth € 150 per person (only applicable to wellbeing programmes with min. 5 night stay)
    6 Reviews
    Bodufushi, Maldives
    Do you want to invest in your health without temptations, while in paradise? This is your destination! The brand new JOALI BEING the wellbeing and sustainability retreat of the Maldives. read more
    Puurenkuur Benefits
    Depending on your Holiday:

    • DISCOUNTS on your stay until December 2023!
    • Free upgrade to half board in certain periods
    • Complimentary wellbeing consultation
    • Complimentary tea ceremony with tea master

    Mandira Styria
    8 Reviews
    Bad Waltersdorf, Austria
    A unique combination of Ayurveda and the healing thermal waters of Eastern Styria at a fabulous European Ayurveda Resort with Asian vibes. read more
    Puurenkuur Benefits
    Depending on your Holiday:
    • Free spa credit voucher worth € 20 per stay
    New Life Portugal
    2 Reviews
    Folgosinho, Portugal
    New Life’s New Life Portugal is a mindfulness center for burnout recovery. Their mission is to provide support for anyone who wishes to cultivate their sustainable wellbeing. read more
    Puurenkuur Benefits
    Depending on your Holiday:
    • Complimentary massage (60 minutes)
    • For repeaters at New Life: 10% discount! 
    SHA Wellness Clinic
    35 Reviews
    El Albir, Alicante, Spain
    Eastern philosophies meet Western views on health and wellbeing at SHA Wellness Clinic under a nourishing, super-deluxe and modern roof. read more
    Puurenkuur Benefits
    Depending on your Holiday:
    • SHA's 15th anniversary complimentary spa gift voucher!
    • Complimentary welcome massage
    • Complimentary early check-in and late check-out
    • Room upgrade 
    • Free transfer from airport

    Chiva-Som Health Resort
    8 Reviews
    Hua Hin, Thailand
    One of the earliest destination spas globally, this 'Haven of Life' is truly remarkable and ranks among the most exquisite holistic resorts in Asia. It is a breathtaking retreat renowned for its exceptional quality. read more
    Puurenkuur Benefits
    Depending on your Holiday:

    • Book min 7 nights stay and receive a complimentary room upgrade (subject to availability on arrival)
    • Additional Wellness Credit of THB 1.000 (EUR 27) per person per night for stays until 30 September 2023 
    • FREE Vital Genomic Test (worth THB 30.000 / EUR 810) for stays longer than 10 nights until 19 December 2023
    • Complimentary Cash Credit to be redeemed against treatments from the Health and Wellness Menu, spa credit depends on the length of stay. Only applicable on the tailor-made programme. Contact us for more information

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    What is a stress management holiday

    A stress management holiday is a type of vacation focused on reducing stress, promoting relaxation and rejuvenating body and mind. The purpose of such a holiday is to help you unwind, recharge and cope with the stress and pressure of daily life.

    On a stress management holiday, the emphasis is on activities and experiences that promote relaxation and stress reduction. These can vary depending on personal preferences, but some common features of a stress management holiday may include:

    • Natural surroundings: Many stress management holidays take place in serene and peaceful environments, such as beach resorts, spa retreats, or secluded countryside locations. Being surrounded by nature can have a calming effect and help individuals disconnect from their usual stressors.
    • Spa treatments and therapies: Spa treatments, such as massages, facials, and aromatherapy, are often an integral part of stress management holidays. These treatments help to relax the body, release tension, and promote a sense of well-being.
    • Mindfulness and meditation: Practices like mindfulness meditation, yoga, or tai chi are frequently incorporated into stress management holidays. These activities focus on cultivating present-moment awareness, reducing anxiety, and promoting mental clarity and relaxation.
    • Healthy and balanced meals: Stress management holidays often emphasize nutritious and well-balanced meals. Eating healthily can contribute to physical well-being and provide the body with the necessary nutrients to cope with stress.
    • Physical activities: Engaging in physical activities can help relieve stress and increase endorphin levels. Depending on the location, stress management holidays may include activities such as hiking, swimming, yoga classes, or nature walks.
    • Digital detox: Disconnecting from technology and taking a break from constant connectivity is becoming more popular in stress management holidays. This allows you to focus on self-care, be present in the moment and reduce the influence of digital stressors.

    The duration of a stress management holiday can vary, ranging from a couple of days to a longer retreat lasting several weeks. The ultimate goal is to provide individuals with the opportunity to relax, recharge and develop effective strategies for managing stress in their daily lives.

    When do you take a anti-stress holiday

    A de-stress holiday can be taken whenever you feel overwhelmed, exhausted, or in need of a break from the demands of everyday life. Here are a few situations when people often consider taking a de-stress holiday:

    • High levels of work-related stress: If you're experiencing significant work-related stress, such as long hours, tight deadlines, or a demanding workload, a de-stress holiday can provide a much-needed break to recharge and prevent burnout.
    • Major life transitions: Significant life events, such as moving to a new city, starting a new job, or going through a divorce, can cause stress and emotional strain. Taking a de-stress holiday during these periods can help you process the changes and regain a sense of balance.
    • Personal loss or grief: Coping with the loss of a loved one or going through a difficult emotional period can take a toll on your mental and physical well-being. Taking a de-stress holiday can give you time and space to heal, reflect, and find solace.
    • Accumulated stress and fatigue: If you've been experiencing ongoing stress, feeling exhausted, or noticing signs of physical and mental fatigue, it may be a good time to consider a de-stress holiday. Taking a break can help you restore your energy levels and replenish your overall well-being.
    • Lack of work-life balance: When work, responsibilities, and obligations start to dominate your life, and you find it challenging to find time for relaxation and self-care, a de-stress holiday can help you regain perspective and prioritize your well-being.

    Remember, the need for a de-stress holiday is subjective, and everyone's threshold for stress and coping mechanisms may differ. It's essential to listen to your body and mind, recognize the signs of burnout or excessive stress, and proactively take steps to manage and alleviate it.

    Burnout prevention

    More and more people are saying that they’re struggling to tolerate the stresses of today’s pace of life. Figures from the Dutch Central Bureau for Statistics show that no less than one in eight employees suffers from burnout complaints. These complaints vary from emotional exhaustion, digestive issues and extreme tiredness to irritability, sleeplessness, broken concentration and high blood pressure. Depression, anxiety and memory problems also occur. Burnouts commonly affect those with perfectionist tendencies who set the bar high for themselves. For these people, a hectic time at work – with deadlines to meet or understaffing, for example – can result in burnout. Complete exhaustion is the consequence.  

    Who are burnout holidays for? 

    “At the moment, it is mostly those with very demanding jobs – managers and business owners – who are choosing for a burnout holiday as a means of recovering from their hectic lives, in isolation from the rest of the world.” Comments Marleen van Griensven, director at Puurenkuur. “They book this type of holiday to be able to relax their mind and body in a calming location; to take stock. Yet people’s awareness of the importance of a healthy work-life balance in today’s society is growing.” A burnout holiday is therefore a holiday in a luxury health resort for anyone who is feeling simply too pressured, and who wants to avoid this escalating into exhaustion and burnout.