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Wellbeing transformation through the years: from the Outside in

When I started my company in 2005, wellbeing at that time was not more than a rather vague concept for many people. A day in the spa, a manicure session or a facial treatment. The last years, Wellbeing has shifted and transformed more than anything. Where Wellbeing was all about treatments and facials in the old days, nowadays it has deepened towards mentally and physically issues. Peace of Mind, Mental Resilience, Embracing changes in life. We often can lose ourselves in an increasingly busy and fast-paced world. We are often tired, mentally exhausted as we are constantly looking for better and more. Puurenkuur offers those places in the world for resetting Body, Mind and Soul. By sorting those places on the various categories, we hope you will find your perfect Wellbeing holiday.

Founder Puurenkuur