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Have you discovered us through friends or family? If so, you’re likely familiar with the extra mile we go for our clients. If this marks your first interaction with us, here are compelling reasons to choose Puurenkuur.

  • Expertise and Experience. Puurenkuur has established itself as a trusted name in health and wellbeing travel since 2005. Over the years, we’ve accumulated invaluable experience and expertise in this niche. We’ve learned from our customers’ experiences, their feedback, and from both our missteps and triumphs. All this collective wisdom is invested in crafting unforgettable holidays, with the aim of enhancing your experience.
  • Personalized Service. Our commitment revolves around creating tailor-made wellbeing holidays that seamlessly align with your unique preferences and specific requirements. This commitment sets us apart from online booking platforms or automated services, such as ChatGPT, ensuring that your experience is truly one-of-a-kind.
  • Insider Knowledge. Our skilled team of wellbeing experts possesses first-hand knowledge of our hand-picked selection of over 100 destinations and 1000+ wellness experiences. This in- depth understanding empowers us to provide you with valuable insights and customized recommendations perfectly aligned with your individual needs.
  • Cost Savings. Booking through us offers not only convenience but also the potential for significant cost savings, exclusive deals, and added value. This dispels the misconception that direct booking is always cheaper. We proudly offer the Lowest Price Guarantee, ensuring that our prices are not only competitive but often even better. Importantly, we don’t burden you with hidden fees, such as booking or credit card fees.
  • Exclusive Benefits. Booking through us unlocks a range of exclusive benefits, including potential upgrades, spa vouchers, and other amenities.
  • Safety and Peace of Mind. For added safety and peace of mind, we provide comprehensive travel protection. In the event of travel disruptions or unforeseen circumstances, you won’t have to endure long phone wait times or queues for issue resolution.
  • No Pressure Sales. We prioritize listening to your unique needs and preferences, avoiding pushy sales tactics altogether.
  • Dedicated Support. Our team remains at your service at every stage of your journey, from initial planning to post-travel support. You can easily reach us via email and WhatsApp, and our call center is open six days a week.
  • Customer Satisfaction. We take immense pride in our impressive 99% customer satisfaction rate, the best compliment of our work!

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