It's amazing to find such an exotic location so close to home, but a spa holiday in Morocco offers exactly that. This is a land where bartering is a way of life, pure waters lap delicacy on sandy shores  and street markets are ablaze with colour and spice. Whether jetting off to the hustle and bustle of Marrakesh, alive with its ancient Moorish architecture, or exploring the serenity of Agadir's crystal clear waters, Morocco is ideal for when you need to relax and revive.

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Paradis Plage
31 Reviews
Imi Ouaddar, Agadir, Morocco
Relaxed and chilled surf-like yoga and spa resort; by the sea; modern, Arabian style. read more
Puurenkuur Benefits
Depending on your Holiday:
  • Extra complimentary group yoga classess per person (depending on the number of nights)
  • Loyalty offer - repeat clients that have travelled to the hotel before receive a free 50 mins. massage
Spa & wellness
Min. 1 night with breakfast
Min. 3 nights, 2x yoga lessons, 1x massage
Surf, Yoga & Spa
Min. 4 nights, 2x surf lessons, 2x yoga lessons
Min. 5 nights, 2x yoga lessons per day
Wellness & Surf
Min. 5 nights, 5 surf lessons
Wellness & Yoga
Min. 7 nights, 2x yoga lessons per day, wellness
Extensive Wellness & SPA
Min. 7 nights, 9 spa treatments
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