Sylvia Olde Scholtenhuis

Yoga & Meditation

‘Mantras guide you to your inner self’

Where do we find you? ‘For Puurenkuur I host yoga weekends at Landgoed De Holtweijde in Lattrop. I also teach at my own yoga studio, Yoga Oldenzaal. It’s in the country between Oldenzaal and Denekamp.’

What type of yoga do you teach? ‘A combination of Raja yoga, Chakra yoga and Hatha yoga, with some meditation and mantra chants to channel the thoughts. As well as regular adults classes, I also teach pregnancy yoga, baby massage, baby yoga and 1-2-1 chakra therapy.’

What characterises your classes? ‘Mantras, self-discovery, individual attention and immersion. We listen to or sing mantras during my classes. A mantra is an utterance which consists of a word, a sentence or short sentences. It is a repetition of sounds which lead you to your inner self. Self-discovery is key to my classes.  Individual attention clarifies important details and the information that’s needed comes to the fore.’

What do people say about you? ‘They say that they are able to relax through my classes, returning home with a clearer head and looser body. My classes are suited to both beginners and experienced yogis. There is plenty of positive reinforcement and explanation and the sessions are well-structured.

November 28, 2021
✅ Goede prijs-kwaliteitsverhouding

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De yoga zaal was ook heel bijzonder, hing een goede energie


November 12, 2021
Dankzij de liefdevolle begeleiding van Sylvia en de groep in dit Retreat heerlijk in contact met de elementen en mezelf gekomen. Een kadootje!


November 12, 2021
Heel erg bedankt voor deze geweldig ervaring. Het is een belevenis die zeker voor herhaling vatbaar is.