Mariken Fliervoet

Happiness is to live your life from within - Find your inner you!

Where do we find you?

I lead and teach yoga on Puurenkuur’s detox weekends in the Netherlands. Outside of Puurenkuur, I am also a Japanese acupuncturist and coach, working from my studio Yoga Roots at the Nieuwendammerdijk in Amsterdam Noord. I also teach private lessons in people’s homes and on office floors every week, where I make desk workers flexible again.  

What type of yoga do you teach?

My Iyengar yoga classes are all about balance, deepening and effectiveness. The style’s founder B.K.S. Iyengar, said that by balancing the body as precisely as possible, one eventually also develops the mind. This balance has huge therapeutic effects and awakens the body’s healing ability. Iyengar understood the human body like no other and distilled each of the yoga poses down to their very essence. It is this depth of knowledge of the human body that I combine with Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy on developing human consciousness.

Nutrition & health

A proper diet heals the body – it is medicine. The things you eat or don’t eat can tip the body into or out of balance. With the right food you will heal and feel fit and well. Which is why healthy movement and proper nutrition go hand-in-hand under my teaching. My interpretation of good nutrition is based on the diet philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine, combined with the latest in Western scientific research.

What characterises your classes?

Individual attention and a thorough understanding of the energetics in the postures. Making good use of the breath creates an inner flow that helps your body perform the postures in a rhythmical and fluid way. The postures are held for a little longer, so that you get the chance to really feel the asana. This creates space and ease within the body. Sometimes the emphasis in a class will be on flow; other times on technique and performing the postures correctly.

What do others say about you?

That I give very good individual attention, which makes the classes accessible to all, regardless of ability. My classes allow you to progress at your own pace. People say they experience a huge sense of relaxation and space in their bodies after the class.