Pack up and go!

June 22, 2016

5 tips for packing your suitcase


Efficiency is king. If you can master packing your suitcase in a jiffy, you’ll enjoy your holiday all the more for it. Here are our tips. Tip 4 is an interesting one for all those perfectionists out there!


1. Travel in your heaviest clothes and shoes.

This will save on the weight of your case. Of course, leave some sandals easily accessible in the top of your case for when you arrive. You can swap these for your heavy cardigan.


2. Pack each pair of shoes in a separate bag.

For hygiene reasons. Plus, if your shoes do happen to get dirty from walks, it saves the rest of your items from getting filthy on the return leg of your journey.


3. Pack a spare plastic bag.

Great for separating your dirty wash from clean stuff. This will also keep your case fresh smelling. You could even put a scented dryer sheet in there.


4. Liquids

The air pressure during the flight can sometimes cause bottles and sprays to leak. Stains all over your case and clothes… Nightmare!

So pack bottles of shampoo, sun cream and the like in sealed sandwich bags before adding them to your case.

If you’re paranoid: remove the lids, place a layer of tin foil over the tops and replace the lids (with some foil overhanging), then put them in a sandwich bag.


5. To roll or to fold.

Allergic to creased clothing? Roll each item up individually. If organisation is more important to you, fold up your clothes and group them so that, once at the hotel, you can simply transfer each pile to its temporary home.