Ananda in the Himalayas

20 Reviews
Uttaranchal, India
A truly unbeatable wellness experience. One of the very best destination spas in the world, you can expect nothing but the best at Ananda in the Himalayas. read more
Pureandcure Benefits
Depending on your Holiday:
  • For all Puurenkuur Travellers: a Spa Credit Voucher worth 100 USD per person on any booking and stay.
  • For repeat Ananda Guest: 10% discount.
  • For ‘Ananda Yogi’ (repeat guest who has completed 21 nights or 3 visits in the past 3 years): 10% discount and a choice of Benefits. Ask our Team for more details.
Room only
Min. 1 night, free holistic activities
Ananda Rejuvenation Panchakarma
Min. 7 nights, Fullboard, Ayurveda programme
Ananda Rebalance 7 nights
Min. 7 nights, fullboard, Rebalance programme
Ananda Renew 7 nights
Min. 7 nights, full board
Yogic Detox
Min. 7 nights, fullboard, Detox programme
Active & Core Fitness
Min. 7 nights, fullboard, Fitness programme
Ananda Holistic Detox
Min. 7 nights, fullboard, Detox programme
Stress Management
Min. 7 nights, fullboard, Anti-stress programme
Ananda Renew & Healthy aging 14 nights
Min. 14 nights, full board
Comprehensive Ananda Detox
Min.14 nights, fullboard, Detox programme
Panchakarma Intensive
Min. 14 nights, Fullboard, Ayurveda
Weight Management
Min. 14 nights, Fullboard, Weightloss Programme
Comprehensive Stress Management
Min. 14 nights, fullboard, stress management
Ananda Rejuvenation Panchakarma - 21 nights
Min. 21 nights, Fullboard, Ayurveda programme