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Our Guts are the Roots of Wellbeing

The Mayr method considers the bowel as the root of the body and traces illness back to issues with digestive system. A cure consists of a specific Mayr diet, physical exercise and relaxation. Read more about the positive benefits of a Mayr Detox...
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Park Igls
16 Reviews
Innsbruck/Igls, Austria
Park Igls is a private medical spa located in the heart of Tyrol, Austria. One of the leading award-winning medical spas in Europe, with a focus on the Mayr approach for a healthier lifestyle. read more
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  • Free return airport transfer Innsbruck - Park Igls
  • 1 complimentary massage (25 minutes)
OCEANO Hotel Health Spa
32 Reviews
Punta del Hidalgo, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
You are in excellent hands for a F. X. Mayr, Ayurveda or thalasso programme at the authentic family hotel, OCÉANO Health Spa Hotel read more
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Detox according to Mayr

A detox doesn’t need to be a juice fast. There are also detox holidays whereby you cleanse your body according to the Modern Mayr concept. With a Mayr detox break, you can expect intensive cleansing of the bowel and intestines. The Mayr method considers the bowel as the root of the body and traces illness back to issues with digestive system. A cure consists of a specific Mayr diet, physical exercise and relaxation.

The Mayr theory: detoxification through intestinal cleanse

Doctor Mayr, the founder of the Mayr cure, believed that a build-up of toxins in the intestines and bowel causes illness and premature ageing. He believed that thoroughly cleansing the digestive system significantly improves our mental, physical and emotional state of being. Doctor Gartner, a Mayr Doctor at Park Igls (Austria), answers some FAQs around a Dr Mayr cleanse:

What is a Mayr Detox?

“Poorly functioning intestines cause many physical, mental and emotional complaints. Healing the intestines is at the core of a Dr Mayr detox cure. F.X. Mayr’s hundred-year old philosophy still forms the foundation of a Dr Mayr cure. Over the years, we have enhanced this notion with the new knowledge we have gained along the way.”

What complaints can an unbalanced intestinal system cause?

“Nearly all our internal systems are connected to our intestines. Which is why a digestive tract containing a lot of toxins can lead to all kinds of varied complaints and illnesses: from diabetes, rheumatism and Parkinson’s to MS, Alzheimer’s, unexplained weight gain, cellulite and cancer.”

How can you tell whether a person’s digestion is functioning properly?

“There are all kinds of indirect signals that give it away. Generally speaking, people with imbalanced digestion won’t feel especially ill, but they won’t feel healthy, either. They feel unhealthy. With our detox guests, we look at the tongue, complexion, the level of bloating or gas they experience, the ‘architecture’ of the intestines and breathing pattern, among others. These give us indications as to what might be going on.”

What does a typical Dr Mayr cure involve?

“We use a number of principles for our detox breaks, including rest, cleansing, training and movement. Through a personalised diet plus the consumption of significant amounts of water, toxins that are stored in the tissue are released into the blood stream to then be removed. To support this, we also use a special abdominal massage, which is unique to the Dr Mayr method. Performed by a specialist physician, this treatment releases toxins that are stored deep in the intestinal tissue.

In addition to the cleanse, relieving the digestive system is another key aspect of the cure. By reducing the production of new toxins, the body gets the rest it needs to find equilibrium again. A third, crucial aspect is learning to eat all over again. I always say: ‘What we eat is less important than how and when we eat.’ We teach our guests how to chew and swallow correctly – slowly, with intent – and how they can even promote proper digestion through how they prepare and present their food!

Lastly, exercise is another aspect of the cure. Although this was not a part of the traditional Dr Mayr cure, our detox breaks and the modern method work on the assumption that physical exercise leads to overall fitness and vitality. And so there are various activities you can participate in on a Mayr detox cure.” 

What results can you expect from a Dr Mayr cure?

“Relieving the intestines and bowel has an effect on all other bodily systems. The immune system, for instance, resulting in a reduced risk of infection. Or the nervous system, which will function better thanks to a detox cure. Naturally, digestion-related issues are resolved: from constipation to IBS. There are also good results for allergies and food intolerances. That aside, a cleansed mind and clean body lead to improved concentration and mental fitness, so that people can face life’s challenges with renewed confidence and vigour.”