If India and Sri Lanka sound a little far for you, don’t worry: Ayurveda is on-trend! An increasing number of spa & wellness hotels in Europe are now also offering Ayurveda programs with personalised...
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Alpino Atlantico - Galo Resort
19 Reviews
Canico, Funchal, Madeira (Portugal)
Ayurveda in one of Madeira’s most beautiful seaside resorts. Alpino Atlántico combines authentic treatments with a spectacular setting. read more
Pureandcure Benefits
Depending on your Holiday:
  • Complimentary ayurveda hand massage  (valid for all stays of min. 3 nights)
  • Repeater offer: Free ayurveda package upon arrival (tongue scraper, sesam oil for daily orral and nasal care and ayurveda shampoo)
Begnas Lake Resort | Official Sales Office Benelux
5 Reviews
Pokhara, Nepal
Enjoy peaceful Ayurveda cures at the foot of the imposing Himalaya Mountains. True stillness; living in harmony with the untouched nature and exploring Nepal’s unique culture. read more
Pureandcure Benefits
Depending on your Holiday:
  • Reduced rates for single travellers (already included in the rates)
  • Complimentary spa credit voucher worth $ 100 per person (min. stay 7 nights)
Thermana Park Laško
15 Reviews
Laško, Ljubljana, Slovenia
An enormous swimming complex, large spa and authentic Ayurveda centre. In spring and autumn, Thermana Park Laško is the perfect wellness destination. In the summer, the ideal holiday destination. read more
Pureandcure Benefits
Depending on your Holiday:
  • No Single Supplement
  • Hotel passport with various discounts
  • Free room upgrade to a Comfort plus room with river view and balcony, when available at time of booking
  • For Twin/Doubles: book 1 massage and receive 2 (available for Ayurvedic, Beer body massage and detox with hemp massage and only at Spa reception desk)
      Mandira Styria
      4 Reviews
      Bad Waltersdorf, Austria
      A unique combination of Ayurveda and the healing thermal waters of Eastern Styria at a fabulous European Ayurveda Resort with Asian vibes. read more
      Pureandcure Benefits
      Depending on your Holiday:
      • Free spa credit voucher worth € 20 per stay
      Nikki's Nest
      4 Reviews
      Trivandrum, India
      A cosy ayurveda resort offering yoga and meditation, run by enthusiastic eco warriors in a tropical paradise by the Indian Ocean. read more
      Pureandcure Benefits
      Depending on your Holiday:
      • Free nights!
      • 14=13, valid for all stays in April, May, August, September and October 2022 
      • 14=12, valid for all stays in June and/or July 2022
      • For repeating guests (combing back for the second time): Free Back Water Cruise OR City Tour (valid for all stays between April - October 2022) + 5% discount for long stays of 28 days and above (valid for all stays between April - October 2022)
      • For repeating guests (combing back for the third time or more): 5% discount for stays between November 2021-March 2022 and between November 2022 - March 2023
      Engel Ayurveda Hotel
      4 Reviews
      Dolomites, Italy
      If you are looking for an authentic Ayurvedic holiday but don't want to fly as far as India or Sri Lanka, this gem in South Tyrol is the perfect place for you! read more
      Pureandcure Benefits
      Depending on your Holiday:
      • Complimentary Ayurvedic Facial (60 minutes) OR Complimentary return airport transfer from Bolzano Airport - Engel Hotel 
      • For repeaters: free room upgrade (subject to availability at time of check-in)
      13 Reviews
      La Petite Pierre, France
      Located in the forests of Alsace, La Clairière is in complete harmony with its wooded surroundings. The environment increases your energy levels, helps recharge batteries and encourages you to live a healthier life. read more
      Pureandcure Benefits
      Depending on your Holiday:
      Hotel GaloMar Galo Resort Puurenkuur
      6 Reviews
      Caniço, Funchal, Madeira (Portugal)
      This fantastic adults-only holiday resort by the sea offers an impressive list of activities that challenges even the most active of holidaymakers. read more
      Pureandcure Benefits
      Depending on your Holiday:
      • Spa-giftvoucher worth € 40 per room (minimal stay of 5 nights)
      • 10% discount on pre-booked spatreatments in the Ashoka SPA
      • 15% discount on the "Ashoka signature 5 elements treatments" in the Ashoka SPA
      OCEANO Hotel Health Spa
      31 Reviews
      Punta del Hidalgo, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
      You are in excellent hands for a Dr. Mayr, Ayurveda or thalasso programme at the authentic family hotel, OCÉANO Hotel Health Spa read more
      Pureandcure Benefits
      Depending on your Holiday:
      • 1x free entrance per person to the Thalasso Therapeutical bath (please reserve at the reception, outside therapy hours)
      4 Reviews
      Trivandrum, India
      Over 30 years’ experience plus one of the first Ayurveda resorts in the world. If you’re looking for authentic, traditional Ayurveda, Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort is the place for you. read more
      Pureandcure Benefits
      Depending on your Holiday:
      • Free excursion: Back water tour for a min. stay 7 nights OR Trivandrum city tour for a min. 14 night stay
      • 15% summer discount on all stays in summer: April until September 2022
      Soma Manaltheeram Ayurveda Beach Resort
      24 Reviews
      Trivandrum, India
      Soma Manaltheeram Ayurveda Beach Village lives up to its name. Think authentic Ayurveda, a sandy beach with palm trees and cosy cottages. read more
      Pureandcure Benefits
      Depending on your Holiday:
      • Free excursion: Back water tour for a min. stay 7 nights OR Trivandrum city tour for a min. 14 night stay
      • 15% summer discount on all stays in summer: April until September 2022
      Mangosteen Ayurveda & Wellness Resort
      6 Reviews
      Phuket, Thailand
      This intimate, adults-only boutique hotel sits among tropical gardens with spectacular views of the ocean. Guests can follow authentic Ayurveda cures in Thailand, with a top Ayurveda practitioner from India who will prescribe you a personal treatment plan read more
      Pureandcure Benefits
      Depending on your Holiday:
      • Free massage per person (30 minutes)
      Angsana Balaclava ***** | Official Sales Office Benelux
      Balaclava, Mauritius, Mauritius
      Luxury, 5* pamper resort by a white sand private beach on the Indian Ocean. The resort specialises in Ayurveda and holistic cure programmes. read more
      Pureandcure Benefits
      Depending on your Holiday:
      • Discount for Single Travellers in 2022! Already calculated in the price. 
      • Complimentary Spa credit voucher worth €80 per person (min. stay 4 nights) 
      • Complimentary Head / Foot massage worth € 50 per suite per stay (min. 7 nights and must be booked with a pre-purchased package)
      Hotel Botánico & The Oriental Spa Garden | Puurenkuur Official Sales Office Benelux
      24 Reviews
      Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain
      A luxury, Asian-inspired 5* hotel with top Thai spa, tropical gardens and impeccable service. read more
      Pureandcure Benefits
      Depending on your Holiday:
      • Complimentary spa credit voucher worth € 75 per person per stay
      • 10% discount on the room rate when you pre-book a spa package
      Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort
      4 Reviews
      Tangalle, Sri Lanka
      An alluring tropical island experience combined with the luxurious 5 star wellness of the Anantara Resorts. read more
      Pureandcure Benefits
      Depending on your Holiday:
      • Book your stay now and get 25 % discount! - already calculated in the price, book in May and June 2022, stay in May - October 2022
      • Free upgrade to half board when staying min. 7 nights
      • Complimentary private yoga class per room when pre-booking an ayurveda package (ayurvedic weight management, ayurvedic inner harmony or ayurvedic deep sleep)
      3 Reviews
      Gianyar, Bali, Bali (Indonesia)
      Exclusive attention for your health and an individually tailored wellness programme come with a personal touch at the luxury COMO Shambhala Estate. read more
      Pureandcure Benefits
      Depending on your Holiday:
      • 10% discount for single travellers on the room rates 
      • When booking twin/double stay: Spa giftvoucher worth 100 USD per room (min. 5 nights stay) 
      • For repeat guests: a complimentary room upgrade to the next room type (if available at time of booking) (you booked a stay at COMO Shambhala through Puurenkuur before)
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      Is an Ayurveda holiday right for me?

      What is Ayurveda? What does an Ayurveda cure involve? Is an Ayurveda holiday right for me? And is an Ayurveda cure healthy for anyone? We often get these questions put to us at Puurenkuur. Are you considering an Ayurveda holiday? We cover everything you need to know about an Ayurveda holiday, here. 

      What is Ayurveda?   

      Ayurveda means ‘Life Knowledge’. Ayurvedic medicine is thousands of years old. This medicine, thought to be the mother of all medicines, is all about restoring balance between the body, mind and soul. A traditional cure consists of an Ayurvedic diet with lots of fresh vegetables and fruit, occasional chicken or fish (link naar blog over ayurvedisch eten), morning yoga and evening meditation, massages, herbal baths and steam baths. An Ayurveda practitioner will tailor your cure to you personally based on your dosha type (link naar verschillende doshatypes blog). 

      What an Ayurveda cure does for you  

      On an Ayurveda wellness holiday, you can have it all: an indulgent holiday and health cure in one! You’ll get to enjoy delicious food all holiday and still lose weight. Other pleasant side effects: a clear mind, total relaxation and newfound energy. Ayrvedic philosophy also offers us greater insight into ourselves and the world around us. 

      Ayurveda is primarily a preventative medicine. An Ayurveda cure can rejuvenate your body and mind and can promote longevity. However, Ayurveda also achieves remarkable results for rheumatic conditions, sleep problems, chronic fatigue, stress, high blood pressure, migraines, psoriasis or depression.  

      What types of Ayurveda cure are there?  

      You can choose between a rasayana (wellness Ayurveda: for pure relaxation), an intensive panchakarma (purification of body and mind) or a medical Ayurveda programme (for the treatment of specific conditions or complaints). Medical Ayurveda require a longer stay. We also recommend repeat treatments and therapies. 

      Additional benefits of an Ayurveda holiday   

      During an Ayurveda in Sri Lanka or India, you’ll receive two to four treatments per day, such as head, body and synchronised massages and herbal baths and steam baths. Ayurvedic medicine is gentle and based on a natural approach. As such, there are no unwanted side effects. 

      The best place for Ayurveda holidays  

      Ayurveda originates from the Indian subcontinent. Sri Lanka and India traditionally represent the best places in the world to go to for an Ayurveda cure. Particularly in India there are an incredible number of Ayurveda hotels, especially in the province of Kerala (southern India). Kerala has many forested areas and a pleasant climate, with a refreshing monsoon season (June - November) and is the perfect place for an Ayurveda cure. Puurenkuur knows exactly what to look for in choosing the best Ayurveda hotels. The fantastic resorts (link naar Ayurvedaresorts) in our selection have been chosen based on strict criteria. The best of the best, if we do say so ourselves. 

      Ayurveda in Europe  

      If India and Sri Lanka sound a little far for you, don’t worry: Ayurveda is on-trend! An increasing number of spa & wellness hotels in Europe are now also offering Ayurveda programs with personalised treatments, a dosha-specific diet and daily yoga and meditation. The hotels source the knowledge, experience and products (and sometimes even the Ayurveda practitioners and therapists) from India. The Kempinski Hotel in Gozo, the Galo hotel in Madeira and Ayurveda hotel Luna y Sol in Spain belong among Europe’s largest Ayurveda centres. 

      Ayurveda health resorts and destinations  

      Want to find out more about our Ayurveda holidays? Puurenkuur works alongside the world’s greatest Ayurveda resorts. 

      A typical Ayurveda day  

      A typical cure day usually begins with yoga and ends with meditation. Ayurvedic meals are mostly vegetarian (with chicken or fish once or twice a week). An Ayurveda cure isn’t only limited to massages and treatments, but also includes nutrition, herbs, health products, yoga, meditation, readings and other activities (each hotel’s weekly activity schedule can be viewed on the hotel page). 

      Ayurvedic baths and massages  

      In Ayurveda treatments, the therapists use a lot of warm oils with herbs that are rubbed pretty much all over the body. The herbs are absorbed into the skin through the oil. 

      A-Z of Ayurveda treatments:  

      Abhyanga Shareera body massage  

      • Abhyanga Shareera head massage   
      • Acupuncture   
      • Decoctions  
      • Face treatments  
      • Herbal baths  
      • Herbal steam baths  
      • Nasya Karama nose treatment  
      • Pinda Sweda Nawara Kizi massage  
      • Purification Therapy (Rakhtha Mokshana Karma)   
      • Shirodhara (oil on the ‘third eye’)  
      • Shiro Vasti  
      • Vamana Karma (emesis therapy)   
      • Vereka Karma (purification of the body)  
      • Vasti Karma (enema therapy)  

      Balancing the dosha types

      Ayurveda recognises three types of life energy: Vata, Pitta and Kahpa, also termed ‘types’ or ‘doshas’. Every one of us is different and has a different balance of these three energies. In a healthy individual, all three energies are equally balanced. If one of the three is dominant, physical or mental issues will develop. An Ayurveda cure is thus designed to rebalance the three doshas. At the start of your cure, the Ayurvedic practitioner will establish which type you are using a questionnaire. He or she will then devise a treatment plan based on your dosha type and any issues. Every individual thus has their own unique treatment plan. 

      Which Dosha type are you: Vata, Pitta or Kahpa?  

      According to the Ayurvedic philosophy, from birth, we all have a unique balance of the three Dosha types. This balance is reflected in a person’s body shape, immune system, character traits and behaviour. Vata, for instance, represents impulsiveness. Vatas can be identified by a slight body shape, mobility and a restless mind among other things. Vatas are susceptible to experiencing anxiety and stress. Pitta represents firepower. Pittas often feel starving if they don’t eat on time. They live according to the clock and hate wasting time. They are also demanding, determined and critical. Kapha represents structure power. Kaphas think long and hard before they make a decision. They like to lie-in, are respectful, empathic and are emotional eaters. 

      A more comprehensive description and a list of questions to ask in order to determine your dominant dosha type can be found in our blogAyurveda Types: are you an impulsive Vata, fiery Pitta or a calm Kapha?’ 

      Good to know  

      In Ayurveda, male therapists will treat makes, and female therapists females (the therapist will be massaging / treating you). 

      This is the case in India and Sri Lanka. In Europe, resorts may deviate from this because there is often just one Ayurvedic therapist. If, as a woman, your preference is to be treated by a female therapist, please make this clear. 

      Take books and magazines with you. In line with Ayurvedic philosophy, most authentic Ayurveda resorts in India and Sri Lanka do not have TVs or air-conditioning so that you can really relax. 

      Ask Puurenkuur  

      If you have any other questions about Ayurveda, or want help finding the best Ayurveda destination for you, our wellness holiday specialists are here to help.

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