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Corporate Wellness - Our Wellness Mission for Businesses and Organizations

Since 2005, Pureandcure has been a provider of preventive health and wellbeing retreats. With the introduction of the Pureandcure Corporate Prevention program, we’ve extended our mission to businesses and organizations because we understand that vital employees are valuable colleagues.

Sustainable and preventive business practices are intrinsically connected. Taking good care of your people, the very heart of your company, is taking good care of your business. This commitment isn’t just for today or tomorrow; it’s a long-term investment integrated into your corporate DNA. It’s a straightforward concept but challenging to implement.

Pureandcure is currently in high demand among companies and organizations looking to integrate Health & Wellbeing experiences into their sustainable business practices. We recognize how unhealthy lifestyles subtly infiltrate the lives of many working individuals. Proactively investing in the wellbeing of your employees not only enhances their health but also leads to reduced absenteeism and costs within your organization, while simultaneously increasing job satisfaction and productivity. Our mission is to allow your employees the opportunity to completely detach themselves from the stress and strain of their daily routine; returning to work rejuvenated and focused. It’s a win-win situation.

Curious about how to keep your employees healthy, motivated, and engaged? We will give some examples.

Exclusive Corporate Rates

Seize the opportunity to access the finest deals and promotions on our Health & Wellbeing holidays and retreats. We are open to discussing a collective discount for your company’s employees.

Team Retreats Centered on Preventive Healthy Lifestyles

Is your team in need of a fresh start? We can assist in arranging a team retreat customized to your business requirements. Why not treat them to a getaway dedicated to their health and well-being? We offer a range of locations and packages, whether in the Netherlands, Belgium, or more distant destinations.

Wellness Workshops (nutritional, sport or lifestyle coaching)

Working in a fast-paced environment can lead to unhealthy habits related to food, exercise, and mental balance. Our Wellness Workshops are designed to educate your employees on making healthier choices that can easily fit into their busy, on-the-go lifestyles.

Incentive wellness holiday

Reward your dedicated team members with an incentive getaway that will leave them feeling appreciated, reenergized, and revitalized. Let us create personalized weekend escapes in the Netherlands or extended retreats in various European destinations or anywhere worldwide.

Executive & Leaders Programs

Health programs designed for high-performing leaders are gaining popularity. These leaders understand that their health is a priceless asset, directly impacting their leadership abilities and overall quality of life. Pureandcure offers Executive programs which provide a comprehensive approach, emphasizing both physical and mental well-being. These programs typically include thorough lifestyle assessments as well as nutritional and fitness coaching.

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