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Wellness holiday in Thailand

The Best Yoga retreats, Destination spas and luxury Health Resorts

Discover the best health resorts, boutique hotels, yoga retreats, and destination spas in Thailand. PureandCure is the travel platform for Health & Wellbeing Holidays worldwide. We search the planet for the best programmes and resorts to unwind and relax. Thailand boasts a rich tradition of traditional healing methods, encompassing herbal therapies, holistic treatments, and Thai massages. These practices are interwoven into Thai culture and have been passed down through generations.Thai people see themselves as healers and you will definitely feel this during treatments. The country hosts an array of destination spas, retreats, and holistic centers, catering to diverse health programs such as weight loss, sports, women's health, stress management, detox, Pilates, and many more.
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Absolute Sanctuary
Absolute Sanctuary, Thailand
This stunning boutique wellness hotel, with its Mediterranean-inspired architecture, is a true paradise for yoga, detox, fitness, and Pilates enthusiasts. It is located on the tropical island of Koh Samui in Thailand.
18 Reviews
Amatara Welleisure Resort
Amatara Welleisure Resort, Thailand
Wellness with a personal touch in an idyllic setting.
16 Reviews
Mangosteen Ayurveda & Wellness Resort
Mangosteen Ayurveda & Wellness Resort, Thailand
This adults-only boutique hotel, surrounded by tropical gardens, offers stunning ocean views. Guests can receive personalized Ayurvedic treatments from a renowned practitioner from India.
11 Reviews
Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary
Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary, Thailand
An experience. Life changing. Unforgettable. Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary is all of this…and more. But words alone cannot describe Kamalaya. Kamalaya needs to be experienced.
147 Reviews
Phuket Cleanse
Phuket Cleanse, Thailand
An intimate retreat in Phuket, where the pillars of raw food, a plethora of daily sports and yoga classes, meditation, workshops, and a commitment to a healthy lifestyle converge. A warm and friendly environment is an integral part of the package!
2 Reviews
Chiva-Som Health Resort
Chiva-Som International Health Resort, Thailand
One of the earliest destination spas globally, this 'Haven of Life' is truly remarkable and ranks among the most exquisite holistic resorts in Asia. It is a breathtaking retreat renowned for its exceptional quality.
8 Reviews
RAKxa Integrative Wellness
RAKxa Integrative Wellness, Thailand
The RAKxa Integrative Wellness is the first sustainable, comprehensive Medical & Holistic retreat in Thailand. Amidst a lush green oasis, you work on your health under the guidance of experts at all levels. Rakxa's expertise: weight loss programs.
6 Reviews
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The best wellness hotels, spa hotels, yoga retreats and health resorts in Thailand

The secret to Thailand’s success? Centuries’ old healing traditions combined with a varied cuisine, stunning nature and a population that attaches great value to friendliness and the best service. For treatments, the spas use natural ingredients using herbs they often grow themselves or source from a local market. Thailand is without doubt the best spa destination in the world. The walls of Thai spas and spa hotels are adorned with the world’s largest collection of spa awards. And it’s no wonder: Thailand has elevated relaxation and physical care to a true art form! 

 What does Thailand have to offer? Here are some examples:

Wellness holiday in Thailand 

Spectacular temples and Buddha statues, tropical beaches with powder-soft sand, the azure blue sea plus a multitude of luxury spas make Thailand a dream destination. What’s more, Thailand is the number 1 wellness destination in the world. Just like we did, no doubt you’ll fall in love with this country, full of friendliness, gentleness and natural beauty.

In Thailand, we’ve found the best small-scale retreats for yoga holidays, detox holidays, juice cleanses and meditation workshops. There are destination spas and monasteries for silent retreats and meditation workshops. Hidden among the palm trees and tropical flowers on an idyllic bay in the south-westerly part of the Thai island, Koh Samui, sits the famous health resort, Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary. Fully indulge in various health and spa programmes, including weight loss, yoga, fitness, detox and stress management. Buddhism gives Thailand a spiritual feel. Golden gleaming temples and enormous Buddha statues decorate the city centres, and small temples can be found in almost any restaurant or shop. This spirituality that infuses daily life makes Thailand a fascinating destination for travellers drawn to inner growth and exploration. Whether it’s a super deluxe wellness hotel, a yoga retreat or a specialist destination spa, our specialists would be happy to advise you on the Thai destinations that will meet all your needs.

Yoga retreats in Thailand

Yoga in Thailand – Sun, tropical beaches and azure blue sea, beautiful nature and friendly people. Thailand is a heavenly destination. A holiday to Thailand equates to pure relaxation and the guarantee of good weather, year-round. Thailand is also a perfect option for a short wellness getaway from the European winters. The country is vastly diverse, and you can choose what the theme of your own yoga holiday will be. Relax or get active after a yoga class, then treat yourself to a soothing massage. Explore the dreamy islands of Koh Tao, Koh Phi Phi and Koh Samui. Did you know that Thailand boasts an impressive underwater world? Take a snorkelling trip or go diving to discover beautiful coral reefs under the clear blue waters, home to rare fish and sea turtles. Buddhism and Thai spirituality are evident all across Thailand. Meditation seminars and yoga retreats are offered in a number of places, for an enlightening trip full of Buddhist wisdom and principles.

Juice cleanse in Thailand

During a juice cleanse, you avoid solid foods with a view to giving the body a rest. Instead, you’ll take on water, herbal teas and juices. The latter are made from vegetables and fruits known to eliminate toxins and cleanse the colon. Spinach, carrots, lemon and celery are some examples, though on a juice cleanse programme you’ll be treated to all kinds of original and creative combinations! Thailand offers some wonderful detox and juice cleanse resorts. 

The best wellness hotels, spa hotels, yoga retreats and health resorts in the regions of Koh Samui and Phuket

Koh Samui is one of Thailand’s best known islands. It features pearly white sand beaches, swaying palm trees and stunning resorts. If your main objective is to find respite from all the chaos, a wellness holiday to this tropical paradise comes highly recommended. A peaceful haven is how Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary can be described. Surrounded by tropical greenery at a former monks’ meditation site, Kamalaya represents an oasis on the tourist island, Koh Samui. The resort has been designed with respect for nature, in symbiosis with the palm trees and tropical plants, with sea views. Absolute Sanctuary sits in the hills of Koh Samui with views of the coastline. The beautiful white sands of Chaweng Beach are just a ten minute drive from the hotel. Phuket is Thailand’s largest island and is located in the west of the country. The spacious beaches provide a stunning backdrop to a relaxing wellness holiday. The middle of the island is largely covered in wild jungle, making it ideal for adventure-seekers. Phuket Cleanse is a raw food specialist with bootcamp sporting elements. 

The best wellness hotels, spa hotels, yoga retreats and health resorts in the Hua Hin region

The royal seaside resort of Hua Hin is a three-hour drive from Bangkok and is the perfect get-away. Here, you can relax and have everything you need within arm’s reach. Hua Hin offers a good blend of town, sea, vibrant markets, good restaurants and open stretches of beach.

Chiva-Som sits directly on Hua Hin’s long sandy beach. This luxury 5* resort is designed in the Thai style and has a serene ambiance. The suites and villas are dotted throughout the beautiful garden bursting with tropical flowers and plants. Another portion of the rooms and suites have sea views.