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In the last ten years, the saunas in the Holland have increased to record levels. Giving time for yourself, rest and relaxation is now normal in our culture. There are lots and lots of high quality saunas in the Netherlands and more hotels offer special wellness rooms (saunas, Turkish steam bath and swimming pool). Did you even know that the Netherlands have their own mineral resources? The water is drawn from more than hundred meters below. When you search for mineral baths you will find them all.
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Boshotel Vlodrop
206 Reviews
Vlodrop, Netherlands
Yoga, Detox and Pilates in a spacious Limburgian hotel with fantastic service and extensive wellness. read more
Puurenkuur Benefits
Depending on your Holiday:
  • Free entrance to the Spa during the weekend worth € 17,50 per day
  • For repeat guests: free upgrade to a suite
  • Check-out at Noon instead of 11 AM on Sunday
Badhotel Domburg
493 Reviews
Domburg, Netherlands
Great hospitality and excellent service at this hotel with renovated wellness centre. Sea-side location with dunes and forests. For relaxing yoga, Pilates and mindfulness weekends. read more
Puurenkuur Benefits
Depending on your Holiday:
  • Check-out at 12 instead of 11am
  • For repeating guests: a little present in the room
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The best wellness hotels, spas and health resorts in the Netherlands

Are you ready for some relaxation? Could use a good massage? In need some time to yourself? The number of wellness hotels, health resorts and luxury hotels with wellness and spa facilities has grown significantly in recent years. It has now become commonplace for people in the Netherlands to visit saunas, health resorts or luxury wellness hotels. Perfect for clearing your head and enjoying the warmth and scents that are part and parcel of a good spa. The selection of luxury wellness hotels and health resorts in the Netherlands is growing fast. The Netherlands has much to offer in terms of wellness and relaxation. We set out the options for you here:

  • Luxury wellness hotels with extensive wellness or spa facilities
  • Health resorts with thermal baths, the Netherlands
  • Intimate natural spas in polder landscapes
  • Luxury hotels for yoga, meditation or detox weekends
  • Yoga holidays in nature or by the sea
  • Yoga weekend or yoga holiday, the Netherlands
  • Meditation weekend or meditation holiday, the Netherlands
  • Detox weekend or detox holiday, the Netherlands
  • Yoga week, the Netherlands
  • Wellness weekend break, the Netherlands
  • Luxury wellness package with overnight stay, the Netherlands
  • Wellness hotel by the Dutch coast
  • Luxury hotel with sauna, the Netherlands
  • Last-minute wellness hotel
  • Affordable wellness hotels, the Netherlands
  • Group retreats
  • Online retreats with various themes such as yoga, detox or stress management

Wellness holiday in the Netherlands

Have you considered a wellness holiday close to home? Within the Netherlands, there is a wide selection of luxury wellness hotels with comprehensive wellness and spa facilities. Did you also know that this country boasts health resorts with thermal baths? And how about an intimate natural spa in the polder? In addition, Puurenkuur offers yoga weekends, yoga holidays, meditation weekends and meditation holidays, detox weekends and detox holidays at wellness hotels all across the Netherlands. Indulge in some luxury at a wellness hotel with a private jacuzzi in your room. Our country has numerous wellness centres with ample wellness facilitates situated throughout the Netherlands. The options are wide-ranging: from steam rooms and luxury saunas to Hammams and massages. All with the aim of supporting your wellbeing. Take a post-breakfast stroll through nature reserves, forests, pastures or the beach; saunter through a town or village; enjoy a workout at the gym… and what better way to follow some physical activity than a trip to the sauna or spa for that ultimate sense of wellbeing.

The health benefits of Finnish saunas are widely known. Whilst the lovely scent of lavender in a lavender sauna has a relaxing effect, the smell of a wood-burning sauna carries all your stresses away.

Having a sauna at your hotel adds value to your holiday and benefits your wellbeing. The primary mechanism behind this is enhanced blood flow throughout the body. In a sauna, your heart rate increases to a rate similar to what it would be during a good walk. The increased blood flow stimulates the organs to release toxins faster, eliminating them via the skin’s pores. Regularly frequenting a sauna encourages your body to produce more white blood cells, in turn strengthening the immune system. What’s more, saunas are deeply relaxing and reduce stress levels as you surrender to the warmth and serenity at your chosen resort. Simply let go and enjoy!

Got something to celebrate? Looking for a romantic weekend away? Spoil yourselves with a few added extras in your room, such as a nice bottle of wine or a private jacuzzi. Enjoy the bubbles in in your glass as you soak in the bubbles in the bath. Now that’s a treat! Then get a sound night’s sleep under the cosy duvet of a luxurious bed, waking refreshed and energised the next morning.

Wellness resorts are also termed spas. The word ‘spa’ is an abbreviation of the Latin Sanitas Per Aqua, or ‘health through water’. In Roman times, visiting health resorts or bath houses was simply a part of daily life. The Romans lived according to the motto Mens Sana in Corpore Sano, meaning ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’. Spas represented a social meeting place where massages were taken for physical and mental wellbeing. Mental and physical wellbeing remains the guiding principle behind wellness centres today. What has changed over time is the number of facilities, with today’s spas often featuring multiple saunas and steam rooms. Whether you’re booking a wellness weekend, a week’s retreat or a spa day, all aspects of wellness are designed to leave you feeling refreshed and more resilient to everyday stress once you return home.

Yoga weekend in the Netherlands  

Enjoy yoga, delicious healthy food and a relaxing stay at a luxury wellness hotel. The Puurenkuur yoga weekends are wellness holidays, mini yoga breaks or yoga retreats spanning a few days to a week. Regardless of the format, yoga and relaxation are at the core. Yoga weekends are led by our team of skilled instructors. The wellness hotels are luxurious and comfortable, with at least four stars. Each of the wellness hotels has been selected on the basis of its wellness-weekend credentials and setting: by woodlands, pastures or the sea. Each wellness hotel boasts an extensive spa; some even have thermal baths. Though short, these luxurious wellness weekends offer true respite.

Check out the overview of wellness hotels, spas and health resorts that host Puurenkuur yoga weekends. Want to find out more? Get in touch – we’d be delighted to chat through the options with you.

Luxury wellness hotels with extensive wellness or spa facilities

If you are going to treat yourself to a wellness holiday, why not do it properly? Layer on some additional luxury and comfort, perhaps? Some wellness hotels and health resorts also welcome guests for wellness weekends and shorter spa breaks. Their goal is simple: to pamper you! Enjoy unlimited massages, relax and recharge at the luxury wellness centre or soak in a private jacuzzi. A luxury spa holiday is the ultimate treat.

Check out the overview of luxury wellness hotels, spas, saunas and health resorts offering these luxury wellness holidays and breaks. Want to find our more? Get in touch – we’d be delighted to chat through the options with you.

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Health resorts with thermal baths in the Netherlands

Wellness holiday with thermal baths

Thermal baths do wonders for one’s health. Indeed - there’s good reason why the Romans took the plunge for treating all kinds of complaints and ailments. The water comes from deep down in the earth, rising to the surface purified and enriched with minerals. The specific minerals the water contains depends on the composition of the ground. As such, each hot spring has different healing properties. There are those that ease rheumatism, pain and skin conditions. Others still help with inflammation and complaints of the digestive or nervous system. Many health resorts also use the thermal waters in the therapies they offer. This creates the opportunity for you to combine a relaxing wellness holiday with optimising your wellbeing and the preventative treatment of physical ailments.

What is a wellness holiday with thermal baths? 

Thermal water can be used therapeutically in various ways. The spa at the health or wellness resort may use the waters as part of a water cure. In this application, the minerals are absorbed by the skin. Other treatments revolve around inhalation, whereby the healing components are breathed in. There are also drinking cures for internal healing. You may notice the results after just a few days, or it may take longer. Whatever the case, the beneficial and relaxing effects of the thermal waters will not escape you. When combined with other delights – such as delicious food, luxury, service and rest – a spa holiday with thermal baths makes for the ultimate wellness holiday.

Check out the overview of luxury wellness hotels, spas, saunas and health resorts with thermal baths or mineral springs. Want to find out more? Get in touch – we’d be delighted to chat through the options with you.

Wellness in the city or country

We have something for everyone at Puurenkuur. After all, luxury wellness hotels with wellness facilities come in many shapes and sizes: whether you’re after a sauna or spa in the countryside for a taste of ultimate peace and quiet, or prefer a bustling city where you can enjoy an evening’s sauna at your hotel – with private Jacuzzi perhaps? We even offer a number of hotels where you can enjoy both the town and the country. Feel free to contact one of our wellness specialists to find your ideal wellness hotel.

Wellness in Zeeland

Visit a unique region of the Netherlands. Domburg and Cadzand-Bad are the only two seaside resorts in the Netherlands to carry the denomination ‘therapeutic’. There is no better place for a wellness holiday close to home. We offer a number of hotels situated close to the beach, where you can blow away the cobwebs then warm your cockles at the spa.  

Wellness hotels in Limburg

The peaceful hillscape of Limburg provides the ideal backdrop to our wellness hotels here. With its dense forests, Noord-Limburg represents an equally apt location for a wellness holiday or yoga retreat. Our wellness experts know these spots inside out, and would be happy to help you discover your ideal destination in the Netherlands.