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Laughter, meaningful conversations, and self-care: mark that friends' wellbeing break in your calendar!

24 November 2023

In the past, you always had ample time for your friends, but now the weeks zoom by before you can catch up. Or, by the time you carve out a moment for yourself, the day has already slipped away. Does this scenario sound familiar? However, for those juggling work, kids, a partner, and various responsibilities, self-care becomes indispensable. A friends' wellness retreat offers a perfect blend of 'me-time' and 'we-time'. It's a chance for genuine conversations, spontaneous laughter, and ultimate relaxation. Indeed, scheduling such moments on our calendars is crucial. This is precisely what entrepreneurial friends and mothers Carolien Spoor and Sanne Langelaar prioritized. When will you schedule your wellness getaway with your friends or family? 

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