The majority of smokers want to quit. But how? A wellness holiday with a special Stop Smoking programme could be exactly what you need. Because on holiday, you aren’t...
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El Albir, Alicante, Spain
Eastern philosophies meet Western views on health and wellbeing at SHA Wellness Clinic under a nourishing, super-deluxe and modern roof. read more
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We don’t need anyone to tell us smoking is bad for us. Or that it costs a lot of money. Or what a relief it is to kick the addiction. The majority of smokers want to quit. But how? A wellness holiday with a special Stop Smoking programme could be exactly what you need. Because on holiday, you aren’t faced with situations in which you would normally reach for a cigarette. You’ll also be supported in your efforts to stop by a team of specialists who are there for you. Above all, you’ll stay at a wellness or luxury health resort where you’ll get to enjoy treatments, rest and healthy food, sun, sea and exercise. These factors make quitting smoking during a wellness holiday easier. And therefore, the chances of you succeeding, higher.

What is a smoking cessation wellness holiday? 

A Stop Smoking programme is all about breaking your habit. You will follow a specially designed programme that will help you do without lighting up going forward. The programme usually consists of relaxing treatments, coaching sessions, acupuncture and healthy food. Eastern holistic methods such as acupuncture, tai chi, qi gong, yoga and Ayurveda are employed, but you can also rest assured of western-oriented medical supervision. Such as lung function tests, for instance, or an angiogram and oxygen sessions. The cosmetic side of things is also taken into account, such as the removal of nicotine stains on the teeth.

Who is a Stop Smoking programme holiday for?  

Because you’re working on yourself both physically and mentally on a Stop Smoking Programme wellness holiday, the impact of this attempt to quit is much greater. Even whilst you’re on the holiday, you’ll start to notice what a difference not smoking any more makes: how much fitter you feel, how much easier breathing is, how you smell better, how much tastier food is. And above all, how it feels to be free of the addiction. That sense of freedom you’ll experience is often the primary motivation for keeping it up when you get back home. And in the majority of cases, people do. This makes a smoking cessation wellness holiday the ideal holiday for anyone wanting to stop smoking, but hasn’t yet succeeded. Read Ilse de Koning’s personal account of the smoking cessation wellness holiday she went on, here.

Below is an overview of wellness resorts that offer Quit Smoking programmes. Want to know more? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’d be delighted to inform you of the options. 

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