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We carry a long-standing record of successfully organizing group retreats, which are guided by a dedicated and experienced team of teachers in yoga, mindfulness, meditation, detox, Pilates, fitness, and lifestyle coaching. You can learn more about their backgrounds, areas of specialization, and where to find them. Here, you’ll find a comprehensive overview of all our retreats, each detailing the teacher who will lead it.

Els Dourleijn
Hatha, Critical alignment, Therapeutical Yoga teacher

Yoga with Els is something else...
Mariken Fliervoet
Hatha and therapeutical yoga teacher, Reiki and TCM Expert and detox.

Multi-talented and friendly. A true expert in yoga, acupuncture, reiki and nutrition.
Monique Oudejans-Opreij
Yin, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Nidra Yoga teacher

Personal approach and soft voice
Sylvia Olde Scholtenhuis
Yoga teacher, chakra, meditation & mindfulness expert

Warm and wise. Apart from her expertise in yoga, she is also a forest bath guide and a skilled teacher in energy work.
Karin Janssen
Hatha, Dru, Yin and Nidra yoga teacher, Reiki en coaching

Calm, warmth, and a soothing voice are the essence of this yoga instructor, whose motto is 'connect and enjoy.
Saskia Hofstede
Hatha yoga teacher, fitnesscoach and Pilates expert.

An energetic yoga instructor infusing elements of mindfulness and meditation for a gentle and flowing experience.

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