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Intuitive horse coaching is a form of coaching that utilizes the unique insights and intuition of horses. Horses have an intuitive power to reflect our inner being and thus bring us more into the present moment. In this moment, the very NOW - where there is no judgement, just authentic Being - they allow us to clearly see relationship patterns and to release limiting beliefs, unresolved emotions or blocks in our energy field. Through their vulnerable presence and honest interaction we can sense the longing of our Soul; remember our dreams, honor the past and release what no longer serves us, so we can move forward with a lighter, inspired and more courageous heart. In intuitive horse coaching, the coach works with the horse and client in an open-ended, non-verbal way, allowing the horse to lead the process and the client to gain insights and understanding through observation and interaction with the horse. This approach is said to be particularly effective for clients who are seeking deeper emotional understanding and personal growth.

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