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Immunity and mental resilience are more important now than ever

January 13, 2021

An interview with Karina Stewart of Kamalaya about immunity and mental resilience

Quit-smoking by Ilse de Koning (36)

December 8, 2020

Read Ilse de Koning’s story here. She went off to SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain to kick her habit. Ilse de Koning (36): ‘I finally understood why I smoked’

Why Thailand is the number 1 wellness destionation of the world

September 26, 2020

Travel restrictions by the Dutch Government

September 20, 2020

Top 10 detox holidays

February 7, 2020

Cleansed from top to toe, with more energy and a boosted immunity, a smoother running system and a more alert, fitter mind. Here are our top destinations we have personally selected for you.

What are the key wellness trends for 2020?

January 17, 2020

You can discover the trends of 2020 at the PureandCure hotels here.

Health & Fitness holiday

January 2, 2020

Health & Fitness holiday

Floortje Dessing - 'At Euphoria, my mind was calm. There was no-one who needed me for anything'

December 11, 2019

“An acrobat in a Chinese State Circus that’s trying to keep the plates spinning” is how Floortje Dessing describes herself. She has just returned from a week off at the Puurenkuur destination spa, Euphoria in Greece.

Ayurveda Types: Are you an impulsive Vata, a Fiery Pitta or a Calm Kapha?

August 30, 2019

Ayurveda Types

Sleeping helmets and soup with raspberry: The Puurenkuurtestteam descends into SHA Wellness Clinic

June 13, 2019